Ghanaian celebrities led hundreds in protests across the capital. Photo: Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian celebrities have been vocal in the protests that took place in the streets of Accra on Saturday against power supply outages affecting businesses and daily life across the West African nation.

Dressed in red and black, celebrities such as actors Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo joined demonstrators in their march through the capital, calling on the government to stabilise the power supply.

The celebrities say power outages negatively impact the creative industry. Photo: Yvonne Nelson

Despite being one of the first African countries to pursue electrification aggressively, Ghana suffers from chronic power shortages and struggles to expand capacity to meet growing demand.

Dubbed the #DumsorMustStop vigil—"dumsor"" meaning power cuts—the protest was organised by prominent Ghanaian actress and film producer Yvonne Nelson.

Ghana has been gripped electricity power cuts for years. .  Photo: Yvonne Nelson

"I am feeling the heat, and I am here to voice out," Nelson told AFP.

Nelson also posted videos from the protest on social media.

Also joining the protest, Ghanaian comedian DKB told AFP: "These unannounced power outages are killing our craft. We need stable electricity to thrive."

The celebrities hope their participation will give weight to the people's demands.  Photo: Yvonne Nelson

Electricity has become a major campaign issue in Ghana, a country rich in gold and oil, ahead of the elections in December.

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