Turkish first lady Emine Erdogan has met Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, chairperson of Education Above All Foundation, in Qatar to discuss action plans after the "One Heart for Palestine" summit. / Photo: AA

Turkish First Lady Emine Erdogan has met Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, chairperson of Education Above All Foundation, in Qatar to discuss action plans after the "One Heart for Palestine" summit.

Accompanying President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the 9th Meeting of the Türkiye-Qatar High Strategic Committee and the 44th Gulf Cooperation Council Summit in Doha, Emine Erdogan was welcomed at the Qatar Foundation by Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani on Tuesday, the deputy chair of the Qatar Foundation and the sister of Qatar's emir.

Emine Erdogan met Sheikha Moza bint Nasser at the Qatar Foundation for a meeting to discuss the recent situation of Israel's Gaza massacre, potential actions for a ceasefire and lasting peace, and steps for delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The two first ladies evaluated the outcomes of the Leaders' Spouses Summit for Palestine and jointly issued a global call for peace.

Emine Erdogan also reviewed the action plans of the Initiative Movement that followed the "One Heart for Palestine" summit, which she had hosted at the Presidential Dolmabahce Office in Istanbul on November 15.

"In the context of the 'One Heart for Palestine' initiative, we are united in walking together until the end of Israeli oppression and the establishment of lasting peace in the region. In this regard, we exchanged views on future meetings where we will join our voices for the innocent Palestinians alongside the spouses of leaders from various parts of the world," she stated.

"We will continue our determination to stand united to rebuild the devastated Gaza today. As humanity, we owe a future to Palestinian children. I thank Sheikha Moza bint Nasser for her support and sincere hospitality," the first lady also said on X.

'One Heart for Palestine'

First lady Emine Erdogan had hosted the summit "One Heart for Palestine" with other first spouses from around the world in Istanbul as part of Türkiye's efforts to end the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza.

At the end of Tuesday's meeting, Emine Erdogan toured the Qatar Foundation with Sheikha Moza and signed the memorial book prep ared for the foundation's special guests.

"We emphasise that the humanitarian crisis caused by the blockade and embargo imposed on Gaza, which is incompatible with international law, has hindered civilians' access to basic needs and turned into a gross violation of human rights. Since Oct. 7, the tragedy in Gaza, where more than 11,000 civilians, mostly children and women, have been killed, constitutes one of the gravest violations of international law. Urgent action is needed to ensure the safety of pregnant women, children, babies, and patients facing the threat of massacre under inhumane conditions." Emine Erdogan had previously stated on Nov. 15 at the One Heart for Palestine Summit.

Israel resumed its military offensive on Gaza on December 1 after the end of a week-long truce with the Palestinian group Hamas.

At least 15,899 Palestinians have been killed and more than 42,000 others injured in relentless air and ground attacks on the enclave since October 7 following a cross-border attack by Palestinian group Hamas.

The Israeli death toll in the Hamas attack stands at 1,200, according to official figures.

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