Nigerian presidency budgets $19.9m for travel in 2024

Nigerian presidency budgets $19.9m for travel in 2024

The Nigerian presidency projects to use $19.9 million on travel in 2024.
Nigerian President Bola Tinubu is projected to use 6.99 billion naira ($8.7 million) on foreign travel in 2024. / Photo: TRT Afrika 

The Nigerian presidency, comprising the offices of the president and vice president, has budgeted 15.96 billion naira ($19.9 million) for domestic and international travels in 2024.

The figures are contained in the 2024 Appropriation Bill presented to the country's National Assembly for approval.

President Bola Tinubu, according to the proposed bill, would spend 7.63 billion naira ($9.5 million) on travel, with 6.99 billion naira ($8.7 million) allocated for foreign travel.

Vice President Kashim Shettima, on the other hand, has been projected to spend 1.85 billion naira ($2.3 million) in the upcoming financial year, with foreign travel requiring 1.23 billion naira ($1.53 million) of the proposed budget.

Vehicle acquisition

The other officers in the presidency would spend up to 6.28 billion naira ($7.83 million) on domestic and foreign travel.

The proposed budget also indicates that the presidency would spend 9 billion naira ($11.2 million) on "maintenance of mechanical and electrical installations."

Six billion naira ($7.48 million) has been allocated to vehicle acquisition, while food and other expenses, including computer acquisition, would take up 5.1 billion naira ($6.36 million).

If approved, the budget will cover entire 2024 period.

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