Kenya police on high alert as opposition leader Odinga calls for more protests

Kenya police on high alert as opposition leader Odinga calls for more protests

The protests come as many Kenyans face difficulties due to rising cost of living
Police have banned protests called by opposition leader Raila Odinga over soaring cost of living in the country,

Police in Kenya are on high alert as the country’s opposition leader Raila Odinga says protests against President William Ruto’s government over the high cost of living would go ahead.

In a Twitter post, Odinga called for protests every Monday and Thursday despite a police ban.

It came hours after Odinga accused Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua of organising “a campaign of mayhem” against the planned demonstrations.

Last week, the capital city Nairobi was paralysed after protests turned violent.

A university student was killed clashes between demonstrators and riot police, while 31 officers were injured.

Right to protest

On Monday, security was tight, with riot police stationed at strategic points in the capital city Nairobi, while shops, public services and train services were shut.

A political analyst, Martin Ambati, said the right to protest is a guaranteed right of every Kenyan in the constitution.

‘‘The Inspector General has no powers and cannot take powers granted by the constitution. He cannot be superior to the constitution,” Ambati told TRT Afrika.

A large number of people in Kenya are facing difficulties in providing food for themselves and their families due to high costs of essential items, a significant decrease in the value of the local currency, and a severe drought that has resulted in millions of people being hungry.

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